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What you’ll get at BreakThrough

Benefits of being a dancer

  • Creative Dance Routines

    Our staff work extremely hard to piece together beautifully choreographed routines for our students

  • Healthy Body & Mind

    Dance not only makes you feel good, but it is also great exercise!

  • Friendship

    We pride ourselves at BreakThrough in looking out for one another and encouraging everyone to be friends

Our Classes

Choose your style

Street Dance

Street dance is a relatively new style of dance and one that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Students will explore popping & locking, funk and will learn how to ‘battle’ encouraging students to be confident in themselves and their dance skills. This is a fun, energetic class and offers students the opportunity to develop new skills whilst nurturing their confidence and creativity.


Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and we encourage every student to take ballet class where possible, especially those wanting to further their dance training in the future.

Classes start from age 3 through to teen. Our ‘Baby Ballet’ (ages 3-4) class encourages children to explore their imagination and creativity through story, movement and music. Students can then continue and progress with their training as they explore techniques from the ISTD and IDTA syllabus.

Jazz Variety

Our Jazz Variety classes are our most popular classes here at the studio. Class starts with a technical warm up where students learn the basic placement and alignment of the body in relation to jazz dance. Students will then work on various styles of jazz dance choreography throughout the year including: Commercial, Lyrical and Technical.


Contemporary dance allows students to explore their own movement, becoming confident in themselves and with their bodies. Whilst we work on techniques and the basics of contemporary dance movement, students are encouraged to think outside the box and move in ways that connect to various stories, poems or concepts. Due to the increased popularity of this style of dance we have now made contemporary dance available to our younger students. Please seeour timetable for class times.

Musical Theatre

Love to sing, dance AND act??? Then this is the class for you! A fun, exploratory and magical class that delves into the world of musical theatre, character building, stage presence and so much more!! This is a great class for those who want to try a ‘bit of everything’ in the world of performing arts and really encourages students to be confident in themselves, not only on stage but in everyday life.


This is our newest class on offer at the studio and one we’re very excited about!! Students will learn breathing techniques, understand how to use the voice properly and work on both modern and classical repertoire throughout the year. Students will work on group and solo singing and will be encouraged to explore different styles and genres of song.

Hip Hop

Discover & uncover the origins of Hip Hop dance, where it began and the moves that originated from this era. A funky, upbeat and fun class to be part of, students will delve into the different music and beats associated with Hip Hop dance.

Parent & Toddler

We are delighted to offer our very first Parent & Toddler group at BreakThrough; the BreakThrough Bumblebees. Suitable for toddlers aged from 22 months to 3 years. ‘Through the medium of music, dance and story your child will be encouraged to enter a world of all things imaginative. In a safe environment, your child will get the chance to interact with other children their age. It is also a chance for you, the parent, to meet other parents too. This is a teacher-led class but parents are encouraged to play along also.’


Our ‘Company Class’ is an intense training programme for students that want to take their training a bit more seriously, or for those thinking about a career or future in the dance industry.

Students train for 4 hour per week (2 two hour sessions) and will cover the following subjects throughout their training: strength & conditioning, jazz & ballet technique, choreography, flexibility and performance. Students interested in joining the Company must go through an audition process before being accepted. Auditions will take place at the end of the dance school year.